The Team

Team team team! I even love saying the word "team"! You probably think that's a picture of my family.
Uh uh. It's the A-team!

'Denholm' (Chris Morris - The IT Crowd)

Aqius believes the best outcomes are often achieved through the synergy and collaboration that comes with a good team. We are pleased to have a team of diverse and complimentary skills with great personalities that work together with and for you (as a team!).

  Jason Alexander (Founder, Director, Senior Architect & Specialist Engineer)

After over 10 years of commercial technical consulting and contract based experience, I believed so much more could and should be offered than what I saw around me. With the support of friends and peers, Aqius is the realisation of what I believe is the best an IT consultancy can be. This is reflected through our commitment to our clients, our planet, our 'fair value' pricing, and our ethos.

Technical work is a major passion in my life. I started coding when I was 7 and soon found myself the mentor of many teachers and peers. As time has moved on, I've continued to be a leader throughout my career in international projects, first deployment of new technologies (to Australia), user training, and also as an IT & Operations Manager, Lead Engineer, Network & Security Specialist and Freelance Consultant before developing into an entrepreneur, starting with Aqius.

With appreciation (and fond hello's!) I acknowledge the good people that have helped, supported, worked with and employed me over the years.

  Kanishka Malikkhil (Customer Service & Support)
  Ryan King (Customer Service & Support)
  James Heneghan (Support, Web Development & Project Management)
  Nick Stamatiou (Customer Service & Sales)
  Toby Gaab (Project Manager & Senior Network Engineer)

Toby's long and distinguished career that includes recognition from IBM as Top Talent makes him one of the most wanted men in enterprise networking. Toby has been involved in Asia Pacific end to end network problem resolution and oversight of network reconnaissance.

His experiences include architecture, design and security over Cisco and Nortel platforms. Yet extensive LAN/WAN design & troubleshooting for multinational corporations is just one of the strings in Toby's bow. He also has years of experience in planning, co-ordination and implementation of national projects and staff management.

  Olivia Connolly (Account Manager)

An account manager's role is to ensure that not only your IT needs get attended to promptly but that you love working with us! Olivia's background in sales, professional acting and other performing arts as well as running small businesses for several years make her our top communicator and a valuable asset to the team.

We are also privileged to include trusted senior and specialist technical engineers both in Australia and around the world that typically work on a project basis.