IT Support And Cloud Computing

Aqius is a leading provider of Enterprise Security & High Availability Network Solutions to small and medium enterprises with some specialization in the medical, education, hospitality and radio sectors. We generally recommend Cisco equipment for these purposes, though we are well versed in many networking languages and solutions.

Business Continuity, High Availability & Disaster Prevention Services

Whether you need to ensure your critical data is backed up or need a high availability and security service for an enterprise share trading office – We have the expertise and experience to ensure your business runs the way it should.

We offer specialized talents and solutions for

» Networks

» Servers

» Backup & Redundancy Solutions

» Enterprise Security Solutions

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Technology and business stream lining

We are here to help businesses that need to work smarter AND faster & cheaper then ever before.

There are many ways Aqius can help improve your bottom line through boosting productivity or reducing outgoings. Whether you’re interested in reliable and accountable telecommuting (working from home), business process improvement, task automation, Internet filtering or just group training – Aqius is there for you each step of the way.

Workflow & task automation can easily save employees doing repetitive tasks an hour or more every single day. If you have several staff in this situation, this can save thousands per year!

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Business plan and smart start packages

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