IP Telephony Features

IP Telephony Features

Internet Telephone (VOIP) & Fax Packages

All our phone packages are ‘business ready’ which means you get crystal clear phone quality, fabulous pricing AND automatic redundancy.

You are probably already aware that most businesses using traditional (PSTN) services find Internet Phones (VOIP) 50% to 90% cheaper; But VOIP also makes it possible to have inbound calls ringing at multiple physical locations around the country (or globe!) all at the same time.

All packages include:

» Automatic fallback capability (to a ‘normal’ phone, Voicemail and/or Email)

» Internet Access (with existing phone number porting for compatible carriers)

» Electronic Faxing Options

» Fantastic call rates (Local & STD can be Free!)

Optional Features Can Include:

- Full Redundancy for Internet & Telephony

- Video Conferencing (For Corporate Packages)

- Comprehensive Monitoring & Alerting for toll fraud or system outages

- Full Maintenance (On-Going fully tested updates)

- Full PBX Featureset (Custom Music, IVR’s, Call Recording, Transfer, Hold, Queues & Waiting etc.)

- Multi-Office Pickup (The same number can ring at multiple offices simultaneously)

- Existing number porting & Multiple inbound/outbound lines

- We may also include free helpdesk support and a discount on all other services.

For more info or a demo, drop us a line or shoot us an email!