About Us

Meet the Aqius IT Team !

We are professionals, passionate in our technology pursuits, and particularly dedicated to delivering and maintaining solutions that are responsive, secure and stable.

With our main staff in Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne offices, our team enjoys providing national and international services, projects and roll-outs to predominantly small and medium businesses with enterprise requirements or special needs; typically at small to medium business rates.

Aqius is proud to be known for our expertise, flexibility, friendly attitude and fair rates.

Meet the Team

Aqius aspires to exhibit four guiding principles for each client we work with:

We support efforts to make life an easier, enjoyable and rich experience. In tandem with our principles this has three major influences on Aqius: Our deliverables to our clients, our behaviour as a corporate citizen and the way we care for our staff.

Where economically viable for our competitive market, we prioritize people and business needs before technical requirements or limitations. By remaining neutral and establishing a clear understanding of your vision, values and priorities and we can ensure our deliverables are in line with this goal.

We are promoters of efficiency and productivity, however we are against actions that reduce quality of life (human or otherwise). This means that Aqius Consulting will not partner with organizations that exploit or oppress (dehumanize) employees.

We also consider carefully where our efforts are invested and the resulting consequences. In some cases this means systems that may save money, but generally make people frustrated are a negative investment and not something we would recommend.

Whilst Aqius intends to maintain a profitable business (at least until the keyboard and other such evils have left us for good!), our primary driver is not the accumulation of wealth and power.

We believe honor, quality, freedom, fair value, respect and integrity have greater significance than money. Ultimately our planet is also far more valuable and our financial system can be repaired easier then our ecosystem.

When our Mission Statement is complete, our intention is to leave behind a business legacy that exhibits and encourages the practice of fair trade, international collaboration, and sustainability as a model others can follow as practically as can be done in the technology industry.

We strive to create solutions that are enriching and profitable or cost-reducing to you. We are predominantly vendor neutral and genuinely interested in meeting your business needs instead of sales targets or quotas.

We believe we can achieve success and abide by our ethos and deliver you useful, long lasting, value for money solutions. A look over our services, solutions, Business Assessment Models in addition to this ethos will demonstrate some of the ways we go about achieving this.

Environmental changes are becoming noticeable enough that most people are aware of the negative impact profit-centric commerce can have on our planet.

Manufacturers and governments have taken steps to improve, but regrettably most technology has a significant negative impact on our environment. It is up to businesses to demand better.

At Aqius, we take that seriously. We've spent a lot of time reviewing the best ways to save power, minimize waste and investigate how green manufacturers are. We chose the products we offer carefully and encourage re-use of refurbished equipment as well as a domestic recycling program through our sister company www.nlive.com.au.